Botany and Snakes |110 Elements| Download

Presenting you "Botany and Snakes" modern graphic set!

This product was made to create a unique branding style using carefully matched color palette, vintage botanical Illustrations, paper textures, and hand painted snakes. PNG objects, backgrounds, clean textures, patterns – that’s all you’ll find in "Botany and Snakes" creative set.

Inside this product:

  • 52 Botanical illustrations (all pictures are in high resolution and about 2500-4000px)
  • 14 Patterns (3000x3000px, PNG, PAT)
  • 10 Abstract backgrounds (6000x4000px, 300DPI)
  • 11 Simple textures (6000x4000px, 300DPI)
  • 8 Snake illustrations (high resolution, about 4000-6000px)
  • 15 Geometric shapes (about 2500x2500px)
  • Color change action
  • Photoshop color swatches

Perfect for:

  • Posters
  • Flyers
  • Websites
  • Business cards
  • Greeting cards
  • Apps
  • Merchandise
  • Clothing
  • Presentations
  • Product design
  • Prints
  • Wedding invitations and more

Mockups are only used for the demonstration and not included in the end product.